We’ll navigate the intricacies of the customs system to deliver every cost and efficiency saving we can find, and minimise delays.

The labyrinth of customs and quarantine clearance can be an intimidating challenge and logistical burden for any company. Keeping track of all the intricacies of tariffs, taxes, duties, free trade agreements, prohibited imports, regulatory requirements and a host of other considerations is beyond the capability of most organisations.

Fortunately, MACH 1 makes it our business to stay completely up-to-date with every detail and legal and regulatory development so that we can apply our expertise to even the most complex import and export scenarios. We will guide you through all requirements and considerations so you can have clarity and assurance that every box has been well and truly ticked. Our reliable staff are fully versed in:

  • Customs and AQIS clearance
  • Classification of Commercial consignments
  • Australian customs and quarantine inspections
  • Consultancy services
  • Carnet clearances